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Why work with the Sacred Wheel?

Ever wonder why you're so anxious? Maybe you're burnt out. Feeling lost. Adrift. Hopeless.

As a species we have moved so far out of our natural cycles. We struggle to keep up with an ever increasingly fast paced world, and while we can't change the world immediately (well, we can but that's a whole other program) what we CAN do is create an anchor point in our organic timeline. 

This year long program will teach you to work within nature's inherent cycles. Why can this help? Because not only do observing these cycles give us grounding, a sense of connection and belonging and an understanding of the cycles both within us and without, they enable us to access energetic portals for healing and growth and remind us of who we really are, beyond the societal push, beyond our insane schedules, beyond social media and the chaos of the digital and modern world. 

To create great change for our future, sometimes we need to visit the old ways and remember who we are.

Welcome to the Sacred Wheel, one of the most profound bodies of work I have ever engaged with.

Are you ready for a year that will change the way you move through the world forever?

This course has been set at an accessible rate of $25 Per session - $300 total.

This was very intentional because this work is foundational and so, so very needed.

Beginning 2024

The Sacred Wheel

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